UK Models scam

Is UK Models a big scam ?

Here at UK Models we pride ourselves on helping young people interested in getting into modeling and working with them to make it a reality. Therefore we get very upset when people who do not understand what we do, criticize us and state that we are claiming to be something we are not.

If you have read our website or have applied to UK Models you will know that we are NOT an agency and have NEVER claimed to be, instead we help those new to the industry by offering advice, guidance and practical help in taking those first steps to find out if modeling is a career option for them.

People interested in getting in to modeling register with us online by uploading an image of themselves. These images are then screened and those showing potential will be contacted. As you can see from our Facebook not everyone makes it through this stage, however we will only contact selected applications due to the high volume of enquiries we receive.

Here at UK Models we work with many new faces interested in entering the world of commercial, editorial, catalogue, glamour, promotional, extras and artistic modeling. We work with models who have not been scouted by an agency but still show potential to go on and get work at different levels of the industry.

uk models reviewsUK Models are a service that has a great success rate, so in order to make sure this continues we can only work with new faces that are very serious about forging themselves a career in the industry. 

Although it may seem like modeling is all glamour, freebies and getting the invites to all the best parties this is not in fact the case. Models need to be prepared for a lot of hard work, to forgo a hectic social life, (to look their best for the next days casting) and be mature enough to deal with rejection. Its a tough job but with determination and our help you can find yourself achieving your dream.

Once UK models have established that modeling is something that a new face is serious about and their parents are happy to support them in this decision then the next stage would be to find out if they have the confidence and natural ability in-front of camera. We offer selected models the opportunity to come down and meet us at one of our studios to work with our high end professional make up artists and photographers paid for by the company. 

The only thing we do ask for is a £50 fully refundable deposit to hold the slot on the day. This is not the same as an agency charging up front fees but is instead a holding fee for the slot, a bit like booking a table at a restaurant. This deposit is fully refundable if you show up to your appointment as stated in the terms and conditions. Please note that if you are under the age of 21 then you will be turned away if you do not attend with a parent.

On the day of the shoot there is an industry professional whose role it is to assess the new faces potential to go on and get work in the industry. They will be interested in how well the model has dealt with the whole day, worked with our make up artist, taken direction from the photographer and also and most importantly they will review the images from the shoot in terms of body language, posture and chemistry with the camera. All models will receive feedback from their day including areas where they have done well and areas that need improvement.

After the shoot the industry professional will be very honest with the model, if they don't feel that they have what it takes as a beginner they will let the model know and the images will be deleted due to copyright reasons.

uk models reviewAs a company in the past we have been accused of inviting everyone and anyone down to our studios and then releasing all images after the shoot even if the industry professional does not see any potential in the model to go on and get work in the industry or if the images are not of a good standard. 

As a studio we take this very seriously, we have been in the industry over 14 years and our photographers are extremely proud of the work they produce for us. Therefore if a model does not meet the studios standards we can not release the images as the photographer/make up artist would not be happy to put their name to the photographs. We also would not allow images below standard with our name on to be sent to professional modeling agencies as we understand the importance of working to high standards and it's long term benefits for everyone.         

If after the shoot the model shows potential they will be offered the opportunity to create a portfolio out of the images taken on the day which they will then be able to purchase. At this stage if the model feels that after their experience in front of the camera that a career in modeling is not for them then they can put the day down to experience and their images will be deleted and we will happily refund them their £50. However if it is something that they feel that they would like to take further then we will work together to create a package to suit their needs. 

As a company we do not sell individual images as we want to create our models a whole versatile portfolio of images that can be used to promote the model and find them work. This is where some models may leave unhappy as they are expecting to be able to walk away with a few images but I'm afraid this is not possible. The reason for this is that once the package has been purchased we are here to advise and guide the models until they are signed to an agency or finding work through freelance modeling and to do this we need to make sure they are all armed with a package that will best enable them to do this.

Where to find legit UK Models reviews?

There are lots of conflicting advice and reviews out there. You can find legit uk models reviews by going to the official twitter and trust pilot pages.

If you have any questions about UK Models and our services then why not send us an email at and we will happily get back to you asap.

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