How to stay safe in the modelling industry

Every since the creation of basic chat rooms, there have been a lot of media coverage about the dangers of speaking with, and meeting up with people met on the internet. Stories of paedophiles and people who have alternative motives than what they state have been prevalent in the news for many years. What we can deduce though, is that victims are never only a specific demographic. Children, teenagers, adults, men and women, old and young, have all been targeted at some point by people who have used their computer as a smoke screen.

Of course, we aren't trying to say that speaking to someone on the internet will lead to bad circumstances; we are just reiterating that you should never be complacent and think that "it'll never happen to me", as those who have their guard down are the ones who, unfortunately, end up in the news.

Check their references

Because of the internet, and the many portfolio websites that exist, the number of people who have turned to modelling has skyrocketed. The same can be said about photographers too; high-quality cameras are reasonably priced these days, so a lot more people have turned to photography to help with their income, or to use it as a creative outlet. Now, because of these two factors, the potential safety issues have also increased, as the internet allows people to create a false identity.

When you're first starting out, it can be really excited to start booking your first jobs, but no job should ever be worth your safety. If you have been contacted outside of an agency or portfolio website, always ask for references. This shows the photographer that you're serious about your professionalism and safety, and that you will be checking up on their previous work. If you've been contacted via a portfolio website, then you should hopefully be able to see all of the other references left by other models and creatives.

If everything seemed fine during your initial correspondence, but after meeting at the location you start to have a very bad feeling, never hesitate to walk away. You'll know the difference between nerves and being scared. Always be sure that you have an adequate means to leave the location.

Bring an escort

The rise of the internet has created the need for escorts to sometimes be necessary. Before the internet, models would usually only be booked through an agency, and would usually be booked by established photographers. This added a greater level of safety and also meant that both parties were known to each other. Bringing an escort with you to a photoshoot adds a substantial level of protection, and will give you peace of mind, so that you can focus on the work at hand.

Having said that, even though there are absolutely no negative reasons to bring an escort with you, it's a bit of a controversial subject, as they are predominantly unnecessary. A lot of people will probably find it a bit insulting that you didn't trust them enough that you felt like you had to bring someone along with you, but at the end of the day, your safety is more important than the photographer's feelings or ego. There are a lot of ways to fake references, via fake accounts and email addresses, so for new models just starting out, it's always advisable to bring an escort with you for the first few jobs.

To save on the awkwardness, don't introduce your friend as an escort, but make up an excuse as to why they are with you. Anything from, " interested in becoming a photographer/model", to "he gave me a lift here, and is giving me a lift home".

A lot of photographers won't like having an escort in the room during the photoshoot as they'll say that it distracts the model, or them, from working properly. This is a fairly valid point, so it's advisable to have your escort in the next room, or outside, etc., rather than actually with you during the shoot. However, if the photographer isn't happy about your escort just being near, then it's probably a good idea to bail on the shoot altogether, as there is no trust on either side.

Models aren't the only ones at risk, photographers are too. In the past, models have wrongfully made allegations of sexual assault and rape towards photographers, so trust really does need to go both ways. Photographers can sometimes use their own escorts, in the form of bringing a professional makeup artist, or creative, so that there is a mutual third party. This is especially useful for first-time shoots.

In an ideal world, none of this would be at all necessary. Unfortunately though, it just simply is not worth the risk, as a few individuals have, and will likely continue, to ruin this great profession.

Here is a good safety video

Safety tips for turning up to photo shoots

The following is a list of what we feel are necessary tips in securing your safety, when turning up to a photo shoot:
  • Write down the photo shoot location, as well as the photographer's name and phone number, and give it to someone who you trust (friends, family).
  • Let your trusted friend or family member know roughly your expected time back. The best course of action is to notify them when you arrive at the location, when you have left the location, and when you have got home.
  • Always fully charge your mobile phone, and be sure to bring a charging cable with you. 9/10 times the location will have somewhere that you can charge your phone too.
  • Enough cash to grab a taxi, if you should need to leave hastily.
  • Bring your own drinking water with you, and only accept drinks that are unmistakably sealed, or from a tap that others are using.
  • Look at a map of the surrounding area of the shoot, so you will have at least a little basic knowledge of the area. Google maps works great for this purpose.

Model e-Folio

Every model need a model portfolio. These days everything is going digital and its important for a model to have a e-portfolio. It has so many benefits and here is a good guide on eFolios.

UK Models review - Genuine reviews from around the web!

UK Models review is provided by candidates who attend a photoshoot at our head office in London. Usually taking to Twitter to share glowing views of their personal experience alongside  professional images of the day, it is clear to understand how enjoyable and worthwhile the photoshoot is to aspiring models. Prior to the actual day many are nervous and unsure if they have what it takes yet after the experience at the studio in London they are filled with confidence and hope for the future.

See for yourselves how the day unfolds.………

After travelling for a couple of hours to reach the studios in London I was feeling slightly anxious yet excited for the day ahead. I immediately introduced myself to the UK Models team who kindly explained how the day would proceed asking if I had any questions. I instantly felt more at ease due to their friendly yet professional nature as we made our way to the hair and make-up stylists.

See legit reviews and users sharing their experience here. (Note: These are real customers whom are verified by Trustpilot itself)

First stop was to get my make-up applied. The friendly artist discussed what shades and tones would suit my complexion where I was able to share my ideas and suggestions. Taking her expert advice she got to work transforming my face into a work of art. I was very pleased with how my make-up looked and now was ready to have my hair styled. Together we decided on the hairstyle that would compliment my make-up and face shape and he got to work! Overall, I felt incredible and ready for the photoshoot. Both stylists did an amazing job - I was very pleased!

I was led to the studio where I got changed into my first outfit and to begin the photoshoot process. The photographer was fantastic to work with directing the shoot professionally. As the shoot progressed I felt comfortable experimenting with poses and facial expressions to get the most out of the experience especially with the encouragement and support from the photographer. He would ask for me to move my head, arm or body in various ways to ensure that he could capture the correct shot in the best light. I thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot and learnt a lot about how to move and pose in front of a camera.

Here are some reviews directly pulled from Twitter;

Next, I was able to view the images from the shoot and I was blown away by the standard of shots! It was difficult to choose, which images I should select as I loved them all. It was an incredible feeling to actually witness my potential on screen and that these images will help me become a model. The UK Models team provided guidance to narrow down the best shots that show my diversity and particularly stand out, which was a great help and I felt no pressure!

Here is a video that helps you understand the importance of finding legit reviews;

I am now looking forward to receiving the actual images to use as my model portfolio to begin my career in the industry. Without UK Models I would not feel as confident and assured that I have what it takes to succeed. The experience has given me the push to live my dream and realise that I do have the potential to become a model. Thank you!

Her account proves that the UK Models reviews are trustworthy and that candidates who attend the photoshoot truly do feel appreciative and thankful for the experience.

Miranda Kerr for H&M

Miranda Kerr makes the selfie look oh so chic in the latest campaign video for H&M’s spring collection.

The high-street fashion retailer has been teasing us since the beginning of February about who the leading lady will be, and have proudly revealed that it is the 30-year-old Aussie model.

Ms.Kerr took the fashion world by storm by becoming the first Australian Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2007, taking the place of Gisele Bündchen, and has since represented the luxury lingerie brand numerous times. Her break into high-end fashion modelling came in 2010 when Balenciaga exclusively chose her to walk for the brands spring collection, and since then has been seen representing fashion houses like Prada, Christian Dior, Chanel and Lanvin. That same year Miranda sent female hearts all over the world crashing to the ground when she married Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom, and gave birth to their son a year later, and then stitched them back up again by announcing their separation in 2013 (there’s still hope for us!). Often at the forefront of controversy, the dimple faced model posted a picture of herself breastfeeding her son, which sent global audiences into a frenzy about the pictures suitability, as well as posing nude for vogue whilst being 6 months pregnant, and then again for harpers bazaar, 2 months after her son Flynn was born.

However, even though she was 2nd on the list of highest paid models in Forbes magazine 2013, Ms. Kerr is no stranger to fronting high-street brands, and last year did a number of campaigns for Mango. But this year, H&M has snapped her up and draped her in flouncy, gypsy-style tops and painted her with a pastel, monochrome palette.

We love the feminine/masculine hybrid looks, with baby pink ruffled tops paired with black leather sportswear style shorts and casual tee’s tucked into classic pencil skirts. Spring is definitely all about dressing down classic smart pieces with the Swedish fashion brand, as well as adding a dash of playful chic.

The campaign video backs up the playful injection by having Miranda make her friend wait in a taxi whilst she changes outfits due to a strategically placed sprinkler, and promotes the all-to-familiar urge to take beautiful selfies, whilst dressed in beautiful clothes. Take a look at the video below:

Mollie King for Oasis SS14

Lazy forest picnics and sultry campfire soirées’ is what springs to mind when looking at the two teaser images from the upcoming ‘Loved By Mollie’ SS14 collection, taken from the collaboration between Mollie King and high-street retailer Oasis.

This is the second collaboration between Mollie and the stylish fashion retail brand, after the massive success of her first 45-piece collection released in October 2013.

Despite her recent triumph in the fashion industry, King is most recognised for being one-fifth of girl group The Saturdays, who are responsible for uber-catchy pop tunes like “What About Us” and “Disco Love”. The super gorgeous pop princess has caught attention with her upper class, girl-next-door vibe, and was signed as celebrity ambassador for beauty brand Maybelline during LFW AW13, modelling an array of make-up and nail looks for the events, and following that success, went on to sign with Next Model Management. So, life so far has been pretty rewarding for the 26-year-old, who spent some of it on the arm of hunky British model David Gandy.

The full SS14 collection is yet to be released, but the sneak peaks show pattern-heavy, vintage-style frocks and belted kimonos, and are modelled by Mollie herself. The patterns are spring floral meets oriental summer, resulting in a hybrid of flowery pastel heaven, with a pop of tropical colour.

We can’t wait to see all the pieces, sometime in March, and will be eagerly awaiting appropriate weather so we can prance around bare-footed in our floral ‘Loved By Mollie’ ensembles.

Lorde - The Inspiration Behind MAC Cosmetics New Limited Edition Collection

When it comes to who's "cool" right now, I don’t think any teenage girl need look much further than Lorde. In a metaphorical sea of pop stars, that seem to rely on sexualisation and skimpy outfits to help sell their records, Lorde is a truly refreshing shimmering vampy mermaid of curls, talent, confidence and without doubt brains!

At only 17 years old, the outspoken New Zealander has already proved that she is so much more than a singer. In fact she would much rather you call her a musician or writer and with two Grammies under her belt (Song of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance), she has certainly earned the right to both titles even if she were to retire tomorrow.

Lorde is undoubtedly a beautiful girl and with it confident when it comes to expressing herself through what she wears, but what I find more interesting about her is that she understands that she can use fashion to make herself feel powerful. Her typical on stage outfit is made up of dark colours, structured floor length dresses, white lace shirts or dresses with feminine collars, silver jewellery and of course her statement dark plum sometimes even black lipstick. All of which seem to reinforce the understanding that she wants to be noticed for all the right reasons but also that she is not a girl not to be messed with.

Therefore it is exciting to hear that Mac Cosmetics have chosen Lorde to be the inspiration behind their new collection. Lorde herself, when taking about the collaboration, has stated that since her early teens she has been a fan of the brand and was really excited to work with them on the collection. 

The limited edition collaboration is due out this June and I for one am excited about embracing a bit of dark magic this summer.

Although MAC have yet to unveil exactly what the collection will comprise of, I am predicting gothic  lipsticks, dip dyed nails and the tools to create the perfect vampy smokey eye.

Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens s/s'14

Summer has come early this year in the form of the new collection from Agyness Deyn for Dr.Martens. The 31-year-old English model has created her fourth collaboration for the iconic shoe brand, which oozes a tropical, laid-back Californian vibe.

Deyn, who is originally from Manchester, is most recognised for her punk, tomboy chic style, including the appearance of a Sinead O’Connor inspired skinhead in 2010. She was model scouted whilst out shopping with fashion designer Henry Holland at the age of 16, and since then has appeared in ad campaigns for Burberry, Paul Smith, Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood. No stranger to sometimes shocking changes, Agyness has announced retirement from modelling twice, pursued an acting career, and in 2012 got married to actor Giovanni Ribisi, in a secret, under-the-radar ceremony at LA’s county registrar. Not even her family knew!

Since then she has left British soil to take residence in the Californian sun, and we can definitely see summer in LA through her collection, which features strappy creeper shoes, Hawaiian prints, and old-school inspired lace-up baseball boots. As well as footwear, she has also created an accompanying clothing collection, which has an all-American sportswear vibe with mesh sleeved baseball tops, t-shirt dresses and patchwork jackets.

Staying true to her pretty yet masculine style, the ad campaign has a 70s hippie/90s punk, surfer vibe, with tie-dye fabrics, and studded, sleeveless denim jackets. Deyn herself appears as the main focus in the adverts, alongside mainly female models, in a fun, playful and laid-back manner.

“I was obsessing over the euphoria of summer,” said Agyness in response to her new collection: “The inspiration is extremely laid-back, low-key beach rat.”

 Well the collaboration has definitely given us a dose of summer envy, and we can’t wait for the sun to make an appearance so we can head to the beach in our Agyness Deyn, Hawaiian print dresses.

The collection launched on the 3rd March, and can be purchased at